Thursday, October 28, 2004

Initial entry


Create a trouble ticket/IT request system, that will be used by me/my company. It will need to track users that opened the ticket, how long it was open, how many hours were spent on the solution, what it cost in new software/hardware to deal with closing the request, and a blog'ish type interface to track the larger projects with status and major benchmarks.

Hopefully I will be able to create a web interface off the company's intranet website (something that I'll have to create too, with some creative DNS manipulation. Remote offices will have access via the VPN site-to-site tunnels I've already created) that users can start to look at the tickets they’ve opened, the resolutions, who it's assigned to, and expected time of turn around.

After a while this could turn into a knowledgebase because resolutions to other issues will be viewable be looked at and users can figure out their own solution. It could also have a FAQ area.

I'll probably have to start it in Microsoft Access, but I do have access to Microsoft SQL Server 2000, so as I learn more in 393, I may be able to port it over.

I have no idea how to make it web accessible-but I’m sure it’s possible through ASP, Java or something, and it could get quite hairy with security and rights because certain tables users should have access to and others managers should...

Having such a resource would allow me to make more comprehensive reports to management as to how long an issue takes to resolve, the cost-and opportunity cost-of resolving a particular incident, and will provide me with a tangible measuring tool showing what takes up IT's time.

This will be a two-quarter project, as much work will have to be done over the breaks.