Sunday, March 13, 2005

Business rules don't allow good database model

I did get the merge done between the ticket database and the software licensing database, but I found that the company has put a roadblock in my design plans. To track the software properly I need a unique asset tag (read primary key) on each machine and the corresponding database table would in turn have all the machine stats. However, no such infrastructure exists. To create it--getting to 5 remote offices, inventorying/tagging over 125 machines isn’t possible under my current demands at work (read they wouldn’t pay me to do this project, when they have other higher priority projects they have me on). I think I’m going to create the table anyway for future versions of the database, but for now, the machine will have to just loosely be identified (e.g. marketing Dell laptop, PowerEdge 2800 server, receptionist’s Compaq…).

Still having issues with the automatic close date for the ticket, for now I may have to allow the user to type in the data (only managers/IT staff will have access to it anyway).


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