Sunday, February 20, 2005

SQL issue resolved + updates

SQL autonumber issue was ridiculously simple when using the enterprise manager GUI to create the table (int/identity = yes/identity seed =1/identity increment = 1); hand coding it in a text file to create tables in the query analyzer wasn't working so hot. It looks like I'll use the GUI of the Enterprise Manager for the continuation of the project. So the next steps are to export my tables from Access or re-create them in SQL. SQL or an Oracle as the database is the mature way to design this project, and Access was going to be the easy way out. Plus I want this project to be able to grow, and creating it in a enterprise level database will allow for that; opening the door for .asp/.php or VB.NET programming.

I've signed up for BUS496 next quarter where I can get some .asp:database experience, but won't be able to utilize that skill for the graded portion of this project.


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